Il Fronte della Primavera Triestina / Zveza Tržaške Pomladi is a youth movement from Trieste fighting for the full application of Article 21 of the 1947 Treaty of Paris, which establishes the independent state of the Free Territory of Trieste. We demand that the rule of law, ignored for too many years by the Italian administration, reigns supreme and our land returns to its rightful greatness and independence. Our spring (Primavera) will only be able to blossom when legality is restored. The Peace Treaty guarantees us everything, from tax exemptions to the free port and full bilingualism, but the economic and cultural potential of our city is ignored by the Italian state acting against the law. Young people are forced to move to look for decent work and opportunities, while Trieste lies on a gold mine. We’ve had enough.

Let’s fight for our rights, for Trieste and the future that belongs to us!

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