About FTT

1947The Free Territory of Trieste is created by article 21. of the Paris Peace Treaty and the 16th UN resolution

1954The London Memorandum gives the civil administration of the Free Territory of Trieste to Italy and Yugoslavia

1975 The Osimo Treaty between Italy and Yugoslavia splits the Free Territory of Trieste that is not under their sovereignty, violating the the 1947 Paris Peace Treaty

1987 – Italy request the archivation of the Osimo Peace Treaty at the UN, a new attachment is added on page 0 that specifies that the Treaty is not applicable if it contradicts the prior Peace Treaty

2013 – A protest with more than 8000 FTT citizens takes place in Trieste.

2022 –The Court of Trieste claims in a sentence that “legally the FTT never existed” ignoring the Paris Peace Treaty that serves as a foundation to the international legal order.

Territory extension

The Zone A of the Free Territory of Trieste borders with Italy by the Burgo factory and with Slovenia by the Gorjansko, Fernetti and Koper/Capodistria